Thursday, December 17, 2015

Super excited to be presenting work from the first semester of the Institute of Prophetic Activist Art ( @ Dixon Place (161a Chrystie in the Lower East Side) at 7:30 pm on Wed., January 6 in the Lounge FOR FREE.
Six of our artists will be briefly describing their projects, and then presenting them in the manner best suited to their work! Pam Enz (mass incarceration) will present a monologue; Nate Speare (Astro-Dramas) will be presenting an "astro-drama"; Erin Cherry ("Stay Work: A Call to Action") will talk about her work in coalescing an activist/artist community of African-American artists and activists; Loren Halman (Lolo Haha) will discuss his growing idea for a "meme factory" to create and disseminate narrative-changing ideas; Olivia Jade Corbett will be talking about her fashionista activist project entitled: "Conjoint", and then rapping about her idea and Mashuq Deen will be introducing his tough, challenging public art project "Pride/Shame." Gonna be a great evening -- and the bar is always open at Dixon Place!!

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