Thursday, October 1, 2015

Meet Mashuq Deen, playwright, activist and member of the Institute of Prophetic Activist Art:
Deen is a political writer. In addition to the work he is planning for the Institute, he has a project in the pipeline that's about the 1984 anti-Sikh massacres in India. Some other projects that he'll be beginning shortly: a piece about the "incarceration" of patients suffering from mental illness, and the rare but alternative model of open-unit hospitals where the patient-staff community members are responsible to each other; an absurdist piece about women and guns and class.
For the Institute, Deen is planning on using a gentle manner of making public the existence of LGBTQ members of immigrant communities in Jackson Heights, Chinatown and in Brooklyn, as well as raising awareness of them through media and other outreach mechanisms.  Can't say much more about it here -- you'll have to wait until Deen has begun implementing the project!  Genteel, subversive and most definitely challenging.
Deen also just began a seven-year residency with New Dramatists.

Here is a link to Deen's work as a playwright: 
Here are some of Deen's performances, videos and other multi-media work:!writings-and-recordings/cm0i
And here is an article about his play, Draw the Circle, and other press coverage:

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